The Starved Rock Murders

Directed, shot, and edited by Hunter James Cox this feature crime documentary from 1960 changed the political atmosphere forever. Three women from Riverside Chicago, Illinois vacation to Starved Rock State Park and become the victims of a triple homicide. Starved Rock State Park has been selected as one the seven great wonders in the state of Illinois. People from all across the country visit this location for the scenic beauty especially during the Fall season. 19 canyons, lodging, hiking, I&M Canal, fishing, museums, ice climbing, cross country skiing and the best food around. Who would have thought this place once housed a killer. 

Hunter initially set out to capture the story of how such a beautiful place can have a tragic history, but soon discovered he needed to raise the bar. Many people are convinced the man convicted is innocent to this day. Hunter has expanded the project into a feature that has raised tons of controversy. He has received threatening calls since he started this project. 

Circumstantial evidence puts Chester Otto Weger guilty at every turn, but even to this day he maintains his innocence. He currently resides in the Pickneyville Correctional Center for the crime he committed in 1960 and is now the longest living inmate in the State of Illinois. 

The Podcast below interviews Hunter James Cox about the Starved Rock Murders. He explains everything in the case that did not appear in the film. He also goes into specific interviews he has gathered and his true opinion on the case that shook the world.

The short film below has attracted many people to the case. Decide for yourself if you believe him. This short will give you a glimpse at the story, but the segments below this go into much greater detail. 

You will find segments from the feature documentary Hunter has directed, shot, and edited. Chester and Hunter were corresponding through mail over six months time trying to lock down an interview, but Chester decided to discontinue their communication. Currently more interviews are being conducted and a new feature with more content is projected for release around Mid 2019. 

The Starved Rock Murders has been selected as an Official Selection at  various festival locations and nominated for others. Please share and keep checking back for more updates. Contact Hunter if you would like to get involved or share your side of the story.