The Guitar

"Composing life’s journey with an old soul and a young spirit."

Hunter James Cox directed and has a major hand in the rewrites/edit of this short film. The story centers on a Grandfather struggling to let music back into his life after losing his musical partner. This film has screened at the Manhattan Film Festival, Chain New York Film Festival, and the Orlando Film Festival.

Hunter attended the Manhattan Film Festival and was able to capture some BTS of the event. The film was received extremely well which led to a Q&A after the screening. Check out the video below for a more exclusive look.

This was Hunter's senior thesis film for the Columbia College Chicago Advanced Practicum Program. Columbia College helped Hunter finance the entire film and supply all equipment needed for the production, but Hunter took it upon himself to self finance the distribution and push the film to its potential.

Four days of principal photography on location and inside a sound stage. Shot on the ALEXA. The entire attic was constructed from scratch on a sound stage. Every department did a stellar job bringing Hunter's vision to reality.  

The score was created by many composers over the course of several years. Hunter was patient in finding the right people to bring his work to the big screen and the wait paid off. Here is a link to the IMDB Page.